Additional brand services:
More support

Photography and illustration

Great photos and illustrations can improve your branding. Inferior ones can damage it. Work with us, and take the risk out of the equation.

Brand strategy

What is your brand strategy? What is it designed to achieve? Is it achieving those goals? Could it work harder? We can help you define your objectives and make them happen.


We work with expert copywriters who know all the tricks of the trade. They understand how to write words that will promote your business, enhance your brand and transform enquiries into sales.

More life

Establishing a memorable brand is about delivering a crystal-clear message. When customers think of your products or services, you want them to think of your company first. We draw on over 15 years of experience working with a wide variety of companies to create stunning, beguiling and engaging design.

Corporate identity: We can work with you to develop your new corporate image by creating a logo for your company, new product or service – or we can revitalize your existing identity to make it work harder for you.

Brand development: Communicating successfully is much more than just dropping a logo onto a page or website. We know exactly how to implement brands across the full spectrum of print, web and multimedia.

Corporate guidelines: When your business works with different design suppliers, it’s vital to have a set of rules about how your brand is implemented – e.g. font usage, colour palettes, layouts and grids, do’s and don’ts, etc. We have experience in creating comprehensive guidelines in order to ensure complete consistency.

For more information about our branding services, please contact Matt Mortimer on 07841 510710 or complete our enquiry form.